Leading Remote Teams in Times of Stress, Part 4: Stronger Commitments (Video)

In the midst of crises, there is often pressure to say yes to every request. But making a few strong commitments that get done enables your team to focus AND be more reliable and trustworthy — with the boss, peers, customers, employees, etc. Often, this means asking why someone is asking for a particular deliverable, or making commitments to HOW you will interact (eg, keeping them informed). Other times, this means clarifying commitments to WHY you are working on something, and leaving the specific tactics to discretion, rather than promising specific deadlines or tasks.

Make commitments that are few and focused. What can the team commit to, while homing in on the most important things? Commit to small steps for the short term and learn from these, building momentum and confidence. Agree criteria around WHY and HOW so that you can prioritise commitments as you go. Drop those that are no longer relevant or important, in the face of fast-changing circumstances.

Watch this video for best practices on how to develop Stronger Commitments.


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